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Project Overview
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The volumes we have made available from are part of an extensive collection of digital texts and images that have been created and curated by Cornell University Library since 1992. Now widely available and preserved for the enjoyment and learning of future generations thanks to the Library's pioneering digitization efforts, these collections represent a rich cultural heritage of scholarly material on a variety of topics including the American Civil war and the abolitionist movement; 19th and early 20th century texts in home economics, agriculture, animal science, food science, and rural sociology; and important scholarly works in science and mathematics.

Please visit the Cornell University Library web site to access these and other works in the Cornell University Library Digital Collections:

about the library

The Cornell University Library is one of the ten largest research libraries in North America. Its holdings exceed 7.5 million volumes, more than 7,000 cubic feet of manuscript collections, and over 395,000 networked electronic resources. The Library has exercised national and international leadership in the application of emerging technologies, beginning large-scale conversion of printed texts and visual images to digital formats in the late 1980s. Today Cornell is deeply committed to supporting expanded responsibilities for libraries in the compilation and dissemination of scholarly literature.